Underwriting and Data Analytics
Maximize the Return on your Benefits Investment by Managing the Information and Trends of your Benefits Utilization.
Underwriting and Data Analytics

At app, we analyze your employee benefits plan underwriting and data analytics to ensure you are receiving the best solution at the best price.

Together, we will dive into the details of your data and provide you with valuable insight to help you get the most out of your health plan and to better mitigate rising health costs.

Our experience and expertise to develop solutions for your organization is what sets app apart. Our team will evaluate your claims data to identify trends and determine cost drivers, in an effort to provide you with a customized solution to optimize your plan features and reduce your costs.

Alongside reducing your overall risk, we will work as a team to analyze your pharmacy program and its Rx utilization. app offers tailored recommendations to mitigate those high-costing claims and provide your group with savings in the long run.


app’s Data Analytics include:

  • Benchmarking Data
  • Claims and Risk Assessment
  • Contract Review
  • Renewal Projections and Funding Considerations
  • Ancillary Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Long Term Planning