HR Support
A great benefits program begins with a strong HR department.
HR Support

Our team can provide your organization with strategic HR solutions in an effort to provide education to your members, stay compliant within the industry, and feel confident with your benefits plan.

At app, our objective is to provide your organization with enrollment tools and services that allow your members to understand and value your benefit offerings.

app provides multiple sources of HR Support as a value-add to our clients. One of the online resources we provide access to is Zywave. Zywave’s client portal is a go-to customer service resource to find the content and tools needed to stay compliant, manage risk, and build a better workforce.

The Client Portal is mobile-friendly, so you can access the resources you need at any time, on any device! Click here to learn more.


Watko also offers HR outsourcing services through multiple HR support firms. Some of the services provided include:

  • HR StartUp Toolkit TM – The Toolkit provides companies with a custom-developed application process and internally branded forms, a new hire process including letter templates, written position descriptions, a basic compensation structure, correct classification under FLSA, orientation processes and forms, custom written Employee Handbook and associated acknowledgements, and all the instructions for use, including posting, sourcing, personnel file maintenance, HIPAA, application and new hire process. Most importantly, given the highly participative nature of each product we manage for clients, our clients come away from this project with an HR knowledge base that will serve them well as they grow their businesses. Everything contained in our Toolkits is adapted to our clients’ industry, geography, size, and most importantly, their culture.
  • HR StartUp Toolkit TM Lite – Our Lite Toolkit is a lighter version of our larger Toolkit tailored to companies with a headcount of 8 and under. It provides a compact application and new hire process, custom written Employee Handbook and acknowledgements, position description templates (and once the business owner completes them, we’ll conduct the FLSA classifications,) and instructions for use.
  • HR StartUp Toolkit Alumni Club – Hourly Services – We work with clients in an HR Help Desk manner, but generally only engage in this manner after they have gone through one of our Toolkit projects. This is important, since it’s an issue of liability for both the client and us. We cannot effectively support a Company unless we’re sure that their basic HR foundation is compliant, and that the business owner understands their employer responsibilities. We can of course establish with the client whether their baseline materials are compliant.
  • HR Hourly Bundles – companies engage us to work as their Virtual HR Department. They select (with our assistance) a number of hours per month, and we work on retainer for them as their strategic HR Department. We answer day-to-day people management questions, give them strategic advice on the direction of their business and alignment of their employees, manage compensation and performance, and anything else that would customarily be expected from an in-house HR Department. Our approach is unorthodox; we don’t spend a whole lot of time telling our clients what they do within the law, preferring to spend our time trying to figure out what they can do, both to be legal and to meet the cultural and financial needs of their business.

Please contact app for more information concerning these services.