Core Services
We offer custom employee benefit solutions in an off-the-shelf world.  As a full-service provider, our custom solutions include the following services.
Core Services


  • Vendor Assessments¬†either as part of our work with a new client and on-going with existing clients to ensure alignment of benefits with the client‚Äôs objectives and budget.
  • Industry Benchmarking¬†to help clients understand how their benefit packages compare within their industry.
  • Plan Marketing¬†to communicate with employees about the client‚Äôs benefits offering.
  • Plan Implementation¬†for delivery of benefits to employees.
  • Service Standards Implementation and Monitoring¬†to maintain plan quality and assure delivery of service.
  • Plan Management¬†to ensure the client‚Äôs¬†benefits objectives are met on an on-going basis.
  • Individual Health Plan Management¬†to help assess employee productivity and deliver a long-term stable cost structure.
  • Plan Renewal Negotiation and Communication¬†to evaluate costs relative to peers and the market.
  • Actuarial Support¬†as the needs of clients evolve.